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Negative Side Effects of Celery Juice




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negative side effects of celery juice

There are a few potential negative side effects of celery juice. It can cause uterine contractions and may even result in a miscarriage. It may also lead to photosensitivity and skin rashes. Read on to learn more about celery juice and its effects. There are a few possible benefits of celery juice, too.

Celery juice may cause uterine contractions

Consuming celery juice during pregnancy is not advised, as it may cause uterine contractions. However, some juices contain magnesium, which is an anti-spasmodic. Celery juice can also be used to loosen bowel movements and is a good laxative. It is anti-inflammatory and also contains polyacetylene which inhibits acute inflammation.

Celery seed has 17 percent of your daily iron requirements. Celery oil extract can also be used as an insect repellent to prevent mosquitoes biting you. However, you should always check if you are allergic to celery seed before consuming it. Celery seeds also contain coumarins which can cause uterine contractions.

It can cause skin rashes

Celery juice is safe to consume, but it can cause skin rashes in certain people. It is rich in coumarins which are known for re-invigorating skin cells. The juice also strengthens the nervous system and supports blood flow. Celery juice may have similar effects as a sauna, according to some reports.

If you think you are allergic to celery, you should consult your doctor. A dermatologist can run blood and skin tests to test for a reaction to celery. A positive test does not necessarily mean a reaction. A consultant might suggest a “food challenge”, where you try small amounts of celery and observe any reactions. However, you should only attempt this method if you’re sure you’re allergic to celery.

It can cause photosensitivity

Consuming celery juice may lead to skin rashes, because the plant’s active substances, psoralens, may trigger phototoxicity in certain people. Celery also contains high levels of dietary oxalates which can interact with calcium and cause kidney stones. These stones can cause inflammation and damage kidney function.

Celery’s aqueous extract contains apigenin, which is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and diuretic. It may also lower blood pressure.

It can cause miscarriage

It’s unclear whether celery juice can cause miscarriage, but it is believed that the consumption of celery juice may cause miscarriage. Celery juice is safe for pregnant women, but it can cause high blood pressure. It is recommended that you avoid celery during pregnancy.

Celery juice is safe to drink during pregnancy. However, it should always be washed well. Celery juice may contain bacteria and parasites. Unwashed celery could lead to serious infections such as toxoplasmosis or listeriosis.

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