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Straightforward Homemade Chili Sauce (Red Chilli Sauce)




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Make the ultimate easy homemade chili sauce at home with simply four active ingredients, a few minutes, and also lots of ways to tailor! This red chili sauce is excellent for spreading over sandwiches, covers, burgers, and extra! Vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, and also can be made oil-free!

Chili is the means to go for any individual wanting to add that little extra spice to their food. Whether you’re utilizing chili oil, chili flakes, chili paste, or this straightforward homemade chili sauce (aka red chili sauce), there are many methods to welcome the warm!

While numerous store-bought hot chili sauce choices are loaded with tons of preservatives and components, this simple homemade chili sauce recipe is the supreme base with simply four essential active ingredients and tons of ways to adjust it, if preferred.

While homemade chili sauce dishes can be loaded with sugars and added active ingredients (i.e., seasonings), this version is a flexible base. It can be taken pleasure in as-is or adapted with additional flavorings.

Depending on just how much flavor you like, you can quickly blend and match different chilies to obtain an excellent choice. In this way, you’ll be slathering it over foods like covers, burgers, and pita and showering it over every little thing!

Chili Sauce (Red Chilli Sauce)

Chili Sauce (Red Chilli Sauce)


  • 1 pound red chilies choose a variety based upon the warmth level you ‘d prefer (check notes).
  • 2 Tablespoon salt.
  • 1/3 cup olive oil.
  • 1/2 mug vinegar I used apple cider vinegar.
  • Sugar, simply a pinch to preference
  • (OPTIONAL) make use of granulated (raw, brown, etc), natural syrup (maple, honey), or sugar-free like erythritol/swerve.


  1. Prepare the peppers. Initially, clean the chili peppers, patting them completely dry with a paper towel. It reduced off the stem (green tops). It’s best to wear gloves and avoid touching your face while handling the chilies!
  2. Next, roughly slice the peppers, maintaining the seeds. You don’t need to be as specific with your chopping as whatever will be blended.
  3. Blend the red chili sauce.
  4. Add the peppers and the rest of the components to a food mill or blender or food processor and also strike into a sauce.
  5. Taste the sauce as well as change seasonings as essential.
  6. Then, move the sauce to a decontaminated container and enjoy it promptly or store it in the refrigerator for longer-term storage.
  7. Optionally, you can lower this sauce to enlarge it slightly over a hob. Check out the recipe notes for more on that.


Store the homemade chili sauce in a glass jar (plastic will certainly discolor), for as much as one month in the fridge and as much as four months in the fridge freezer.

Discard it if it begins to taste sour or moldy in any type of way (or has physical indicators of mold).

You might be able to warm water bath can this red chili sauce (and then save it for months in the refrigerator) – nonetheless, it depends on its' pH equilibrium and utilizing the correct approach. If this is something you would love to do, it's finest to get in touch with trusted sources concerning canning things.

Various Peppers as well as their warm levels:.Light: Bell pepper (no heat),

Light: Bell pepper (no heat), Friggitello, Anaheim.

Tool: Poblano, Guajillo.

Hot: Jalapeno, Chipotle, Serrano, Chili pepper.Really Hot: Thai chili (additionally called Bird's eye), Scotch Hood, Habanero.

SUPER Hot: Ghost pepper, Scorpion pepper.

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