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What Is Cranberry Juice in Pregnancy?




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What Is Cranberry Juice in Pregnancy?

what is cranberry juice in pregnancy

There are several questions that may arise when you begin to consider whether to drink cranberry juice while pregnant. These questions include: Can cranberry juice cause UTIs Is it good for kidney stones prevention? And how often should you drink it? Fortunately, research shows that the answer to all these questions is a resounding “no”.

Is cranberry juice a cause of UTIs

Although the use of cranberry is widespread, there is limited scientific evidence to support its safety and effectiveness for the prevention and treatment of UTIs during pregnancy. Because of its long-standing usage, pregnant women will continue to drink this juice and fruit, regardless of any new research. The results of the one study did not show any increased risk of preterm birth or malformations. Further research is needed to determine whether cranberry consumption causes vaginal bleeding.

Consuming fresh cranberry fruit or cranberry juice can help prevent urinary tract infections during pregnancy. The compounds in the fruit can prevent bacteria from sticking to your bladder wall. Also, cranberry juice may reduce the risk of developing kidney stones in pregnant women. These types of kidney stones are uncommon in pregnancy but can be difficult to manage.

Does it prevent or cure edema?

Studies have shown that cranberry use during pregnancy does not increase the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as low birth weight or small-for-gestational-age babies. In addition, cranberry use did not increase the risk of preterm delivery or neonatal infections. There is still some debate over the safety of cranberry consumption during pregnancy.

Although cranberry juice is widely used in pregnancy, little research has been done to prove its safety or effectiveness. One study found that women who consumed cranberry extract regularly had fewer ASB-related infections than those who didn’t.

Does it prevent kidney stones?

One of the most important things to do to prevent kidney stones during pregnancy is to increase your fluid intake. If you are dehydrated, your kidneys will be unable to remove the excess calcium that forms in your urine. You must also maintain a healthy acid-base balance. You can add citrate to water or eat lots of citrus fruits to achieve this. To avoid dehydration, it is important to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Obesity can also increase your risk of becoming dehydrated.

Another thing you can do to prevent kidney stones during pregnancy is to limit the amount of salt you consume. High amounts of salt and animal proteins can increase your chances of developing kidney stones. A diet low in calcium can cause more complications. Therefore, a diet high in calcium can be very beneficial.

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