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  • In-N-Out Vegan Options

    In-N-Out Vegan Options

    In-N-Out offers a variety of vegan options. This fast food chain offers many vegan options including grilled onions and pickles. It also offers vegan ketchup and a vegan-friendly signature spread. However, there are a few drawbacks to a vegan meal at In-N-Out, including the fact that their burger patty contains mayonnaise. Grilled onions and pickles […]

  • Are Crayola Markers Vegan?

    Are Crayola Markers Vegan?

    Crayola markers, despite claims to the contrary are not vegan. In fact, the company tests on animals – as do other high-profile companies like Dove mascara. Good news is that big-name brands are now taking a stand against animal cruelty, which means that fewer animals will be used for testing. However, Crayola is not vegan, […]

  • Nike Shoes Are Now Available in Vegan Varieties

    Nike Shoes Are Now Available in Vegan Varieties

    Many Nike shoes now come in vegan versions. You can enjoy comfort, style, and peace-of-mind by purchasing vegan shoes. Many well-known brands are PETA-approved, so you will know exactly what is inside. It’s easy to buy vegan shoes from the company’s extensive range of footwear, without worrying about whether you’ll be sacrificing style and comfort. […]

  • Are Biscuits Vegan?

    Are Biscuits Vegan?

    If you are considering a vegan diet, it’s important to find out what ingredients are in biscuits before purchasing. Many biscuits contain dairy products and may not be labeled as vegan. However, if you’re determined to avoid all dairy products, you should try organic biscuits instead. They are generally made from organic wheat flour and […]

  • Is Beer Vegan?

    Is Beer Vegan?

    The definition of “vegan” will determine the answer to the question “is beer vegetarian?” Some beer types are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, while others are not. Some brewers use finings which are plant-derived products such as Irish moss. Others use animal-derived products such as isinglass and gelatin. Guinness stout A new vegan-friendly version of […]

  • What You Should Know About Vegan Spam

    What You Should Know About Vegan Spam

    Vegan spam is a delicious alternative to the classic fried pork sandwich. Vegan spam is made without animal products and is available in 44 countries. This dish has the savory, salty taste of Spam but is completely vegetarian. You can even find vegan spam in different cuisines. There are some things you need to know […]

  • Why Don’t Vegans Eat Eggs?

    Why Don’t Vegans Eat Eggs?

    There are many reasons why vegans should not eat eggs. Some of these reasons include the poor conditions the hens live in, the unnatural diet, and the higher risk of cancer. Whether you are a vegan or not, it is important to make your choices based on what is right for you and your lifestyle. […]

  • Best Vegan Sources of Calcium

    Best Vegan Sources of Calcium

    Vegans have a lot of choices when it comes to calcium. There are many sources of calcium, including fruits, nuts, seeds and seeds. But, India still has a long way to go before vegan sources of calcium are readily available. We’ll be discussing some of the best vegan calcium sources in this article. Fortified foods […]

  • Is Honey Vegan?

    Is Honey Vegan?

    Vegans aren’t happy with honey. Honey is made from honey bees’ nectar and is a sweetener as well as an antidote for sickness. It can also be used to add a unique flavor to savoury dishes. But is honey vegan? Let’s find out. Bees are animals Many vegans don’t consume honey, citing animal-sourced ingredients. However, […]

  • How to Cook Without Butter

    How to Cook Without Butter

    There are many vegan butter alternatives that you can use to make your cooking easier. These include Miyoko’s cultured Vegan Butter and Earth Balance vegan buttery sticks. Margarine substitutes are another option. Before you make a purchase, be sure to read the labels. Margarine The majority of margarines are vegan, but some manufacturers use milk […]